R&D is the backbone for the sustainable development

LiCORE (Transformadores Inteligentes de México) was born in March 2011 as an entrepreneurship project for developing high-tech electronic products and services to tend to the national renewable energy sector. Since then:

Our mission is to contribute to the Mexican technology-independence in the energy sector.

Our vision to be among the top three most recognized companies providing power electronic solutions to the Mexican market. 

Quality and Service Security Policy

LiCORE (Transformadores Inteligentes de México) is a company specialized in design and technological development services in the field of power electronics to offer customized solutions to the industrial and railway sectors. Therefore, it establishes a firm commitment to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and be a leader in the market by controlling quality, reliability, and safety throughout the service provision;
  • Comply with legal requirements and other applicable laws, including service and customer safety legislation when necessary;
  • Continuously improve the performance of the quality management system, aiming for operational excellence in established processes;
  • Establish and maintain procedures to address the prevention of failures and customer expectations related to quality and safety;
  • Develop the skills of our team by promoting creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.