The Laboratory for Reconfigurable Control (LiCore A.C.) is a Mexican non-profit Civil Society Organisation created with the objective of contributing to the technical development of electronic systems based on programmable logic devices.

This work is carried out through research, education and training programmes which help all sectors of society rectify the wideranging limitations caused by outdated or absent technology. We work to address these deficits with all kinds of organisations: national and international research instituations; federal, state and municipal governments; state and private enterprises.


To stimulate Mexican technological development and the entrance of Mexican enterprise into high value added global markets


To be a leading national organisation promoting excellence in research and development within the area of programmable logic devices


Social Commitment: At LiCore we are committed to inspiring Research and Development to bring Mexico to the frontline of international technological developments.

Team Work: Each member of the team brings their knowledge, efforts and talent to LiCore to achieve our collective objectives, conducting ourselves with respect and honesty.

The principal pillars of the LiCore project are the dedication and effort that every member of the team contributes.

Responsibility: knowing the incredible scope that today’s technologies have and having the capacity to develop them we are conscious that our efforts ought to be applied only to projects that advance the mission of the organisation. Developing projects which have clear negative environmental or social consequences will never be an option for LiCore.